"We’ve seen students that have never driven or had less than a day or two of driving experience transform into confident, safer drivers. We know that the students who complete our course leave as better drivers and will ultimately lower the now high risk of injury or death." – TSDS


Girl buckling up.

Before reading the following heart felt letters from parents, it is very important for you to know that there is an entire team that makes this school happen and does so with great success. Many of the letters mention my name which is flattering, but the reality is I am only one link in this most important chain! Thank you for visiting the Team Safety Driving School web site and I hope to see you at one of the classes soon.


Norman Hamden


Class of February 15, 2014

Team Safety Driving School,
This school is amazing, they accomplished in 8 hours which would have never been able to accomplished, even if I had tried I am sure that our driving sessions would NOT have ended on a good note. By letting Tessa learn from the very beginning from trained professionals and true people that really care about making a difference, made a huge impact on how I view the whole learning to drive process. Learning to drive in the vehicle that they are going to be driving just makes since. We will be back for a repeat when I settle on a car for her. Next step is to get her permit. Many thanks to the entire team of instructors and to the wonderful man that donates the property for such a well needed program. WOW!

-Shirley Duncan


Class of December 14, 2013

Norman. I wanted to say the driver training Sam received was more than amazing. He is more confident in his driving ability and handling the vehicle. This course is more than a parent can ask. It has made me more at ease while driving with him. I no longer gasp. :). Bravo to you and all of your volunteers. I cannot thank you all enough.



Class of October 26, 2013

Good afternoon Norman,
Can’t express my gratitude more for the time you and all your instructors spent with my daughter Arrielle in your 10/26 driving school class. As you’re well aware, Arrielle showed up with very little drive experience, and a considerable fear of exiting a parking lot / exceeding 10 mph. After an entire day of being behind the wheel under the guidance of your expert instructors, Arrielle walked away with a confidence level behind the wheel that far exceeded all my expectations. She hasn’t stopped talking about her time driving in your course, a topic she has avoided at all cost in the past. We explored several other driving schools, all charging a king’s ransom and offering minimal time behind the wheel. We were told about your school by a friend and to be honest was a little apprehensive about just what one could expect for the small fee you charge. I’m so glad we decided to sign Arrielle up, best money we ever spent. We will definitely pass the word to everyone we know about your course. Once again, thanks so much for everything.

-George G.




Norman and Susan

Cory was very nervous in the morning.  He had approx. 2 hours of driving time with his father.  I was so impressed with the results.  When I took the ride I was scared....

Cory had so much more confidence in his driving skills thanks to you both and all your volunteers.  He could not stop talking about his experience, he loved it!

Thank you for helping Cory become a driver and I feel so more more comfortable in the car with him

You and your organization have done an excellent job helping teens become better drivers.  I loved the small group experience and hands on.
Keep up the great work!


-Ann M.



Class of April 27, 2013

The skills and confidence that Ciana received form this class is invaluable. When I asked her how she liked the class her first response was "That was so much fun!". I am a firm believer that if you surround yourself with quality people, then good things will happen. You and your team have created an environment that teaches these young adults very important skills while having fun. I also came away very satisfied watching them dramatically improve the skills and confidence they so desperately need driving on today's roads. Every person on your team that I was in contact with was professional and a pleasure to work with. What a great group of people with a tremendous amount of experience! I think it goes without saying that I would be willing to be part of your team any time. Keep in touch.




Thank you again for the time you all spent with the kids yesterday; Riley had
a great time and she immediately told me that she is "a million times more comfortable on the road now."  She drove around a little in the neighborhood, and she's a whole
lot steadier and confident.  

Your course will certainly last her a lifetime, and it was a truly impressive "recital" yesterday.

Way to go!!


-Denise S.



Class of January 19, 2013


"A day with "Team Safety Defensive Driving School", in Goodyear, AZ; helping Elizabeth overcome her fears of driving and learning the techniques of safe driving! Great day! Thank you everyone who volunteered today! You did a great job!

-Dawn Mayfield


As a parent of two teen-aged children just beginning their driving careers in the jungle of today's driving environment, I was committed to giving them the best possible preparation for the road I could find. More than simply knowing the legal laws and rules of the road, I insisted that they have an instinctive understanding of the laws of physics of driving to enable and empower them to handle their cars so as to be proficient in avoiding trouble on the roads and giving them the best possible chance to avoid becoming highway statistics.

As the former Executive Vice President and Executive Director of the Arizona Sports Racing Association, Club Racing AZ, LLC, and a former professional road racer, I immediately went to my good friend and fellow club racer Norman Hamden and his TEAM SAFETY Driving School and asked him to train my kids in this vital survival skill-set, knowing no one better with whom to entrust my own kids training.

Norm did not disappoint. The kids just completed the school today while I watched and, while riding home with my daughter from the track after the session today, I saw a newly confident and competent driver behind the wheel from the little girl who had driven to the track this morning. Norm's rich experience and extensive driver training credentials paid off BIG TIME!

Parents: If you truly love and care about your kids and want them to have a fighting chance against the chaos of today's dangerous driving environment, I cannot recommend TEAM SAFETY Driving School highly enough!

-Ralph Evans




I am very happy that I went ahead and sent Thomas. I could see the confidence level increase immediately. Well worth it. We have passed the program info on to many of his friends parents as well. Thank you.

– Gayle

Thanks Norm & Susan for giving CJ such a valuable driving lesson. You really have a wonderful group of driving instructors' working with you. Please let them all know I appreciated them letting me join in so I wasn't just sitting & waiting. I will certainly promote and advise people I know to take your course. Thanks again.

– Pete

I can't thank you enough for what a WONDERFUL experience our family had with the class, the location, the instructors, and the other parents and students made us SO PLEASED.  I give the day 10 out of 10.....A 20!  It was way over our expectations! What a way to start off turning 16 for my son!  A son who hasn't really cared about earning the privledge to drive, but now I think is interested in doing his merit badges, getting his eagle scout and keeping his grades up in this new semester now knowing how fun it is to be able to drive. I now trust him in my suburban more than I trust myself and I am 40 years old!  And had my license since the day I turned 16. I have been telling friends and anyone who will listen about what a neat class their kids can take and even parents. If you have an PR at the local High Schools or with the community here on the Westside of Phoenix, specefically in Goodyear or Litchfield Park.  Please let me know.  I know word of mouth is the best kind of advertising and I am definetly doing that. Have a great day and thank you again for making my son safe and prepared to tackle the responsibiliy of driving and also making him feel like a million bucks in the self-esteem/confidence area of life.

– Sara Griffin RN BSN

Litchfield Elementary School District Governing Board Member
Jonathan's mom :-)

I want to thank you for giving my wife and I the confidence in knowing that our son Alex has the skills necessary to avoid any potential issue on the road. Alex, as you know had ZERO driving experience and by the end of the eight hour day of nothing but driving in a safe controlled environment, HIS confidence and driving ability rivals those that have been driving for years. I feel safer on the road knowing that the kids that you train (not in a class room sitting at a desk, but FULL ON DRIVING) are that much safer and aware of what the automobile and limitations of the automobile can and cannot do. I would have paid $300 or more for what you and your team has created in an eight-hour day. The confidence and skills that you have given those kids is priceless! Always focusing on SAFETY, we as parents are grateful for your expertise and guidance to our kids. I am so impressed that I would like to volunteer my time to help you in any way I can during future classes.

– Glen O’Keefe

Norm! It's Emily from your class. The class was amazing. While I was in it, it was really fun and I learned a lot and even outside of the class just driving around felt a huge amount more comfortable to me. I am still a pretty new driver so I feel nervous driving anyways but its so much easier for me to maneuver the car and know exactly how long I have to brake and I can change lanes about a million times easier. Parking of course is a piece of cake to me now though. :-) if you still want to have me volunteer I would be happy to. Because as you said it's easier for teenagers to connect. I would totally come back once I get car of my own so I can learn how to maneuver a different car. Thank you so so much for all your guys help though! It's a completely different experience driving now. :-)

– Emily

Emily got her driver's license this week. While she was a good (teen) driver before your class, she needed a little bit of help. There was a definite improvement when we drove home after the class. She used what she learned to change lanes with more confidence and skill and was more aware of the road around her. The accident evasion techniques are outstanding. New drivers need to learn what the car will do in an emergency situation. The Team Safety Driving School provided a safe environment for my daughter to learn what can happen in a bad situation and how the car will respond to avoid an impact. Thank you for such a wonderful experience! I am much more comfortable with her out on the road.

– Lora

Grant, is doing great! Thank you. At least one of his friends parents are interested in sending their son to your next event. See you at east track! Grant is interested in more performance driving. Maybe autocross for starters?

– Dave

I don't know if you knew that Derek only had one hour of seat time before your class. He has spent some time on dirt bike, quads and a Rhino but other than that only one hour on dirt roads with me in the truck and I don't think he got much over 25 mph. I was amazed and thoroughly impressed when he took me on the accident avoidance course. He maneuvered confidently while going fast enough to even squeal the tires! He was in complete control and handled it perfectly! I hope to sign him up for more of your classes! I know the experience will make him a safer driver. Thank you very much.

– Mike

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