"We are constantly amazed at the progress shown by novices as well as experienced drivers over the course of one day. With the hands-on experience our school provides, they can feel the dynamics of their own car at maximum traction levels." – TSDS

Training Program

TSDS Slalom Exercise

Our day-long training program includes hands-on defensive driving exercises that are performed repetitively. With each repetition, you will be taught to use your senses to enhance your ability to become a better driver. At the end of the day, you can take parents or guardians for a ride through the course to show your accomplishments.


With this exercise, students will become more familiar with their car and learn eye-hand and foot coordination:

Learn the proper seating position to get the best feel for the dynamics of your car when shifting from left to right, and when accelerating and decelerating. Get a sense of how stable you are in the driver’s seat and how your safety restraint belt assists in keeping you stable and secure in your seat.

Learn the proper hand positions for the most efficient way to steer in various scenarios which include positions that prevent oversteer and injuries that can be caused by a deployed air bag.

Learn how to train your eyes on where to look and to drive in that direction to take in the most of your environment for maximum reaction time.

Learn to feel smooth inputs for steering, accelerating, and braking – crucial elements that are learned from this exercise.

Learn how to listen to what your car is saying with regard to speeds, smoothness, and its dynamics as they reach maximum traction levels.


The slalom exercise also prepares you for returning from unpaved to paved roads after an unexpected drive off and driving on slippery roads.

Threshold Braking

To prepare for when you have just enough distance to stop without having to change lanes to avoid an object, learn how to slow down or stop suddenly in the shortest distance possible with or without having to use your vehicle’s Anti-lock Braking System.

Brake & Steer

To prepare for when you do not have enough distance to stop and must change lanes to avoid an object, learn how to brake and steer away to avoid an incident.

Accident Avoidance

To prepare for when you do not have enough distance to brake to avoid an object, learn how to keep looking ahead and make a split-second decision on which way to steer to avoid an incident.

Registration Fee

As a nonprofit organization, we are able to offer this class at the low price of $175 per student. (For-profit companies charge as much as $500 for similar classes.) Donations are welcomed and very much appreciated to help keep our program affordable. Please call us at (928) 254-5400 for more information.

TSDS Newsflash

Teens represent about 10% of the U.S. population but account for 12% of all fatal car crashes.


Save Lives

TSDS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Please donate and help save lives one teen at a time.

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