Welcome to the Team Safety Driving School (TSDS) registration page! We are excited and grateful that you are allowing us to train

your new driver on these important Crash Avoidance Maneuvers!

Our classes will resume in the Fall usually during the month of October. Like us on Facebook for updates or check back on this website.


We will take up to 25 students per class, when the class is full, we will start a wait list, if you have to cancel, you will have to

reschedule for a future class with a partial payment that will be determined by the date you canceled. Cancelation up to the last

week will be $50, cancellations during the last week will be a loss of full payment. Filling spots at that late of a notice can be very

difficult. Due to our limited number of classes in a year, our goal is to fill every available spot!


One of the questions on the registration is how long has your new driver been driving? Please answer with a 0, 1 hour, 1 day,

1 week, 1 month, 1 year etc...


If Covid is still an issue, we will follow the CDC's directions on how to safely hold the class. So if you want to know what our rules

are at the time, just look up what the CDC is recommending.

Expect an email a couple of days prior to the classes as reminder and if there is any new, news to pass along that isn't included



All classes will be held at:

Arizona Motorsport Park (AMP)

15402 West Camelback Road

Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

All Classes will start at 8:00am and finish by 3:30-4:00pm unless otherwise noted, parents that do not stay for the day, should be

back by 2:30pm.  Minors must have a parent or legal guardian sign the minor waiver first thing in the morning during

registration. Everyone on Arizona Motorsports Park's (AMP) property must sign a waiver and that includes all staff members.  Lunch is provided and will most

likely be pizza, so if you or your teen have any special dietary needs, please bring your lunch with you. Parents/guardians should be ready for the "recital ride" by

2:30pm unless otherwise informed. There is a mix of families that either stay for the day or drop off and return to pick up, our history has shown

that parents are amazed at what their teen accomplishes in one day from their recital ride!

For those that stay for the day may want to bring a comfortable chair if you have a special one, other wise hard plastic

ones are provided and we have a few pop up tents for shade, if you have an EZ-Up tent, you may want to bring it.

Student preparation: All classes are very much hands on with little classroom time, so plenty of rest the night before the school

and being hydrated is highly recommended. Check the weather for that day and dress appropriately and use sun block if needed.

We need to have everyone's cooperation with this next question...Does your teen have any special needs, ranging from physical,

emotional or mental health challenges that we as instructors will obviously have to know? We hope that you will understand that

this information will help us to be better prepared for your teen and will make for a better training experience for all involved.

Vehicle Preparation: First of all, we recommend that the students use the vehicle that they will be driving for the most part to learn

the dynamics of that vehicle. Make sure the vehicle has been recently checked out, ie: brake pads should be in good condition, all

fluids should be at recommended levels, belts and hoses should be checked, a minimum of 3/4 tank of fuel if not full. Vehicle

should not have excessive leaks, sufficient tread on the tires with recommended pressures that have been checked within a few

days of taking this class and it is very important that all loose items in the front and trunk sections of the vehicle are removed or

secured, by the end of the day our maneuvers are very aggressive and loose items can damage the vehicle and or passengers.

Our entire Team is committed to teaching each and everyone of our students the art of defensive driving and we are very

appreciative that you have chosen us to teach your teen these important life saving skills that will last them a life time. We have

had a few parents that have taken the class with their teen and some more than once, although we take this training very

seriously, we have a lot of fun while learning!




Thank you,

Norman Hamden

928 254-5400

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Teens represent about 10% of the U.S. population but account for 12% of all fatal car crashes.


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